Learning to love yourself and appreciating the body you were born in to is a journey that doesn’t happen overnight. My approach towards self-love is more focused on implementing healthy habits instead of trying to restrict myself in different areas. That never leads to lasting change. Try different ones (for longer than a day) and see what helps boost your self-esteem. Don’t feel the need to do all of these, they are just ideas. See what resonates with YOU and makes YOU feel better!


20 ways to love your body

  1. Implement more self-care
    • Buying pampering shower tools, a massager, or revamp your skincare routine
  2. When eating think about how you are nourishing your body and fueling it
  3. Think about yourself as a child, would you talk to that little kid the same way you talk to yourself now?
  4. Implement slower & mindful workouts into your routine
    • Yoga and walking are great cortisol lowering alternatives to intense HIT workouts
  5. Journal to figure out who you are – your TRUE self that has nothing to do with your body
    • Ex: what are your gifts, talents, hopes, dreams
  6. Figure out ways you can healthily cope with stress that are NOT emotional eating
  7. Drinking tea, taking a bath, reading a book, calling a friend, yoga, breathwork
  8. Stop body-checking every time you walk past a mirror
  9. Catch yourself when you are saying something negative about yourself and challenge that thought with the opposite thought
  10. Every morning write down three things you love about yourself. This takes 30 seconds there is no excuse that you are too busy to do this one!
  11. Print out the affirmation that is at the bottom of this page to put on your mirror. Remind yourself of these affirmations whenever you are in the bathroom
  12. Find 6 meals that you love and crave but also are nutritious and make you feel satisfied
  13. Learn a new skill such as a yoga pose, gymnastics, or a new martial arts move – this will make you feel strong and help you appreciate your body in a new way
  14. Stretch at night for a few minutes before bed while you deep breathe to decompress
  15. Read books that inspire you
  16. Think about what your life would be like if it wasn’t consumed with negative body thoughts all-day
  17. Pick one thing you love about your body and focus on that 
  18. Listen to Uplifting Podcasts
    1. Some of my favorite recommendations are:
      1. The Lively Show
      2. Happier with Gretchen Rubin
      3. Food Psych Podcast
      4. The Recovery Warrior Podcast
      5. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations
      6. Affirmation Pod
      7. Body Kindness
      8. Nutrition Matters
  19. Practice Body Acceptance
    • ex: “This is how my body is, and I accept it exactly as it is now. It does not determine my self-worth” If body love is too hard just practice body acceptance
  20. Seek out help from a HAES dietitian or therapist

It is really important to have a professional guide you through this journey. I have so much experience helping people learn to love and accept their bodies and can confidently lead you to learn how to do the same. Loving yourself requires the proper tools and guidance to be able to disprove your old unhealthy thought patterns and limiting beliefs. You might not even realize how many you have because they are so ingrained in your consciousness! I can’t wait till you see how incredible life is after you start loving yourself.