The Why Behind this Podcast and Hope After Narcissistic Abuse

by | Dec 26, 2022

Welcome to the very first episode of “Hope After Narcissistic Abuse.” I am your host Amy and this episode is an introduction of what this podcast is about. A little bit about me and who I am: I work as a therapist in private practice. Our practice is grounded in Hope. We know that Hope is one of the main predictors in successful treatment.  I want you to find the hope in recovery.  If you do not have this yet, it is okay. I have it for you.  I have been where you are. Not only that, I have worked with countless women in the same place.  Over the years, I have observed similar patterns in both my clients and in the narcissists in their lives.  Why is this important?  It has provided a framework to help you achieve a life filled with joy, hope, and happiness.  Yes, it takes work.  However, I promise that you will not have a single day working toward recovery that will be more difficult than the pain that comes with living with narcissistic abuse.  I am trained as a trauma therapist using a somatic experiencing approach.  I also work in forensics, parent coordination, child and adolescent trauma, eating disorders, and legal matters.  My greatest joy is being a mom and being able to live an independent life.  I am excited to share the wisdom of many experts with you, including the wisdom of others in recovery and experts on trauma recovery and healthy relationships.  Thank you for tuning in!

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