Caitlin Slee, Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Caitlin Slee

Certified Eating Disorder Recovery Coach
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Caitlin will help you free yourself of unhealthy eating disorder behaviors to rediscover your true self. She is a certified intuitive eating disorder recovery coach who will help you discover a healthier version of yourself that is free from disordered behaviors. She uses a unique and holistic mind-body-spirit healing approach that will heal the root cause of self-destructive behaviors.

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Why nutrition?

Caitlin first became interested in nutrition after educating herself about the harmful effects of the food industry in America. Unfortunately, it has been the cause of many issues such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, digestion problems, food allergies and sensitivities, infertility, and hormonal imbalances. As a nation, we are chronically stressed, fatigued, and nutritionally deficient.

This interest developed into a passion and fueled her own health journey. She became her own project to ditch the standard American diet and uncover what true health meant. After doing a lot of traveling throughout Asia and Europe, what really struck her was how healthy living and quality nutrition is completely integrated into their LIFESTYLE. They don’t have to take diet pills or processed diet shakes to maintain good health. Caitlin thinks it is the key component that our diet-obsessed country is missing- the lifestyle integration.

Her mission is to work to normalize a healthy and reduced stress lifestyle! She will work with you one on one to understand your lifestyle, personal goals, health, and wellness goals, along with your needs – to create a food and lifestyle approach that suits YOU. There is no one size fits all recipe for health which is why working with a health coach is important! Caitlin will meet you where you are at and coach you through the process of becoming the best and healthiest version of yourself.

Caitlin’s personal mission is to help you integrate holistic nutrition into your LIFESTYLE so that nourishing your body and giving it what it truly needs becomes second nature.

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Caitlin Slee practices holistic nutrition

What makes a holistic nutritionist different from a typical nutritionist?

Caitlin takes a holistic approach because she recognizes nutrition is only one aspect of health. Although it plays a huge role, other aspects such as sleep, hydration, exercises, social circles, and mindset play just as large of a role! She takes everything into account because for example, if your hormones are out of balance from chronic stress, it will be impossible to meet your health goals.

Learning to work with your body and nourishing it with the food that makes it feel best is the first step in becoming the best version of yourself. But she recognizes that the overall goal isn’t to have a healthy body – you need to work towards having a healthy mind as well. It’s much harder to reach your full potential in life if you are not physically and mentally at your best so taking a holistic approach is essential for true growth.

Caitlin is extremely passionate about helping clients improve their health, achieve their goals, and develop sustainable habits. Guided through an optimistic and understanding process, her clients will learn how to enjoy a healthy and balanced life.

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