Metabolism Measurements

Metabolism Measurements

Did you know that our bodies need quite a bit of fuel in order to function each day?  I have worked with too many frustrated clients that are tired, fatigued, stressed, and do not understand why there efforts in the gym are not paying off.  I have worked with women that have been on the roller coaster of diets, settling with the fact that their metabolisms are ruined.


I can actually measure your metabolism and tell you how many calories your body burns at rest.  This is the number it takes for your body to function and keep you alive.  The most fascinating thing that I have found is that the majority of people that I have tested are chronically under eating.  The reason for their fatigue, lack of progress, poor sleep, and midday slump is one thing——-


The good news is that metabolism is usually not the culprit.  When metabolism has been slowed through chronic dieting, their is a simple fix.  I will work with you to repair your metabolism through a non-diet approach.  I have also found that many times knowing how well your body is working provides peach of mind, an answer the symptoms you have been experiencing.


Have you wondered how much you really needed to eat during the day? Your Resting Metabolic Rate is the total number of calories your body requires to perform essential functions. Daily activities such as your job or school, added physical activity, and digesting food all add up to your total daily expenditure or the number of calories you need to maintain your weight. When this number is tipped in either direction, we see both weight gain and loss. We can also manipulate this number for particular goals such as improved performance, energy, and weight management.

Why Measure Your Metabolism?

This number is unique to you
Changes in your lifestyle, bodyweight, age, muscle mass, and health condition affect your metabolism
If you are trying to achieve certain goals and getting stuck, your metabolism could be to blame

What Does The Test Involve?

The MedGem® is a small handheld device that measures an individual’s metabolic rate through oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. We then use this number to individualize a plan for you. The test is performed first thing in the morning under fasting conditions. This means that you need to avoid food, caffeine, nicotine, stimulants, and exercise before the test.

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