Success Stories

My daughter started seeing Amy shortly after she was diagnosed with anorexia. It was a difficult time for us, to say the least. We traveled an hour to see Amy weekly because she was exactly what my daughter needed. Amy was able to help my child get back to a healthy weight. More importantly, she taught her about the importance of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. My daughter has taken what she learned from Amy and is now a thriving, healthy, and happy sixteen year old. This mama can never repay Amy for what she did for my daughter.
Katy Y.

When I first started seeing Amy, I was at an all time low mentally and physically. I was suffering from my poor relationship with food and depression. I really felt there was no way to escape my disordered behaviors, thoughts, and feelings about food and myself. After a few weekly sessions with Amy, my binge eating stopped, my negative thoughts about my body and self worth began to shift, and I was no longer entirely consumed with thoughts about food. A year later and I am still happily having sessions with Amy to continue my road to recovery. I can confidently say I am much more at peace with food and have the balance I was missing. I look forward to continuing my journey with Amy!

Cat H.

After meeting up with Amy several times I can say I feel comfortable sending anyone needing counseling services to her for assistance in their journey. What is important to me is that she is an empathetic listener and has the experience to go with her credentials. She also works to help children in various ways- from trauma to nutrition treatment. I’m so glad to have met Amy!

Ashley A.

Amy is very passionate about helping people. I would highly recommend her to friends and family with full believe she wants to see them healed. She is also the coordinator for the South Carolina Eating Disorder Association and launched the Project Heal: Chapter of the Midlands a non profit.

Jeremy P.

Amy is very passionate about what she does. She cares deeply for her clients. She will go to all lenghts to make her client comfortable as well as giving quality aand professional help to all who Need it. You will not be disappointed with her services.

Jeff G.

Great experience. Very understanding and compassionate.

Micah F.

Amy is great! She works with people for a variety of issues from depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationships, loss, grief, etc.

Joshua B.

Meghan L.

Amy has been a tremendous help in my journey toward freedom from my eating disorder. She helped me move from a meal plan toward intuitive eating. I can now say that i am eating foods i never thought I would enjoy- and be happy about it! Recovery is scary. Work with someone that believes in full recovery. New hope is great. Plus, you will love HOPE (her dog) 🙂

Lauren G.

As someone who has struggled with weight my whole life, I had tried everything to lose it. I had been on almost every diet, and had looked into surgery. I was ready to give up when I started looking into a nutrition counselor. I have been so pleased working with Amy I have been able to find better eating habits, as well as complete a food sensitivities test to determine foods I was eating that my body didn’t handle well. I can happily say I have lost 40lbs in a few months.

Bri M.

Amy and Angie are great. I felt very welcomed as soon as I walked into the office. I felt comfortable. I had meetings with a few other places before deciding to continue with with New Hope. I was impressed with how much they know but more imortantly they way they both made me feel. Plus— I love seeing Hope when I come!

Laura E.

I met with Amy at her office & was immediately impressed with the comfortable & relaxed set up she has, as well as the different rooms that focus on specific areas of counseling. such as child behavioral issues, eating disorders, and relationship counseling (just to name a few). Amy is both passionate about helping people and compassionate with her clients. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any individuals, couples, or families in need of counseling services.

Nathan G.

I love New Hope Counseling and Wellness Center- and Amy! She has helped me so much. She helped me to see that full recovery was possible. She also helped me to conquer my fears and see that all foods fit. I now eat intuitively and could not have down this without her. She ate with me during sessions in her office and met me at restaurants. She ate with me and provided the skills I needed to challenge my fears. She is great!

Kristen M.

I saw Amy a few years ago as my nutritionist and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. She helped me see that there’s more to life than being scared of food and even helped me learn to enjoy eating what I wanted after dealing with an eating disorder for over half my life. I’m glad I found her and loved working with her!

Megan C.

Amy is very compassionate and knowledgeable.

Tiffany C.