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If you want to manage your weight and make healthy improvements to your lifestyle, our registered dietitian nutritionists in Columbia, SC and Atlanta, GA are here to help. We will help you in your quest to get healthy, as well as look and feel great.

If you are frustrated that your repeated dieting has not worked, we’re here to tell you that nutrition counseling can make a difference and create lasting results! We want you to know that this is ultimately not about your weight – but rather your health and mindset. A registered dietitian nutritionist will help you reach those health goals. Contact us now.

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We are going to save you a lot of time and stress by just coming out and saying this…please just skip the diet you are thinking about going on next. Just STOP. Please.


Did you know, repeated weight loss, weight gain, yo-yo eating habits, and non-stop on and off dieting can be damaging to your health?

Repeated Dieting and the Damaging Physical and Mental Effects on the Body

Repeated unsafe dieting can cause the following:

  • Your metabolism to dramatically slow down
  • Loss of muscle
  • Added stress and inflammation to your body, and
  • Coronary heart disease!

But it’s not just the physical toll on your body. The mental side effects of repeated dieting can be just as damaging. The perpetual diet mentality can make you preoccupied with your weight to a detrimental extent, straining relationships, and making you unable to focus on what truly matters in your life.
We help you finally reach a happy place- without dieting.  

Nutrition counseling can help overcome damage from dieting
Achieve your healthy weight with nutrition counseling
Nutrition counseling can help overcome damage from dieting

Target Weight vs. Healthy Weight vs. Realistic Weight

So How Do You Lose Weight Without Actually Dieting?

Did you know that many people’s target weights are not actually their ideal, healthy weight? Additionally, an individual’s realistic weight may be affected by life circumstances.  In typical nutrition counseling, a target weight may be determined.  Is this healthy or realistic?

We work on gentle nutrition where we will help can work with you in

In nutrition counseling, the very first thing we do is help you identify a realistic and healthy target weight. This goal is NOT based upon some one-size-fits-all chart for BMI or an unrealistic idea of beauty.

We help you realize that not every person is the same. We have different genetics, health considerations, lifestyles, and personalities. Our society, insurance charts, and basically everything we read will send a message that there is a perfect weight.  In fact, this weight may be unhealthy for many.  Most research indicates that those in what is considered the “overweight” BMI range are healthier and live longer than those in the “healthy” BMI range.

So, why are we still using this number?

Identifying a healthy target weight does not lower the bar on your life or appearance, rather it sets you up for a lifetime of success – without painful or non-sustainable dieting.

What is our plan allowed you to reach a place of body acceptance, self-acceptance, truly living, peace with food, enjoying life, and an end to the dieting game?  What if the weight did not matter?  

A diet as it relates to weight loss usually involves a temporary pattern of eating that is not meant to be sustainable over time. Hence the term “Dieting” and not simply “Living” or “Eating.”

Through nutrition counseling, we teach you a new, balanced way to live and a new balanced way to eat that doesn’t leave you hungry or depleted of energy or nutrients. We take the time to understand your lifestyle, your history, your genetics, your health, and your personality and create a new lifestyle plan that will propel you to a place where you can find peace with food. We educate you on food choices and teach you how to listen to your body when making food choices.

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A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Counselor can provide hope for a new you, as well as a healthy, happy lifestyle that is not dictated by food, body, or your weight .

Your Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Counselor will never offer a quick-fix, weight loss, or starvation solution. Rather this is a plan to stop the dieting cycle. This is a plan to stop thinking “weight loss” and start thinking “gaining my life back.”

The process of obtaining a healthier lifestyle and creating a new you is different for every single person. But for all, it happens safely, comfortably, and over time. Our nutrition counseling offers you hope because we teach you a new way of living and eating that blends into your lifestyle and it is tailored to you – so in the end, it is 100% sustainable.

We replace your constant “Dieting” with simply “Living” and “Eating.”

When you stop relying on diets to get you to your health goals, you can actually find balance in your life. We work with you to tune into your innate wisdom.

We don’t just tell you what to eat and put you on another diet plan. We teach you how to go from weight obsession and diet cycling to having a normal and healthy relationship with food again. And how to maintain that healthy relationship throughout your entire life.

What’s the end result of our nutrition counseling? Not only will you be healthier, but you can also learn to love your body while you transition, and you can ENJOY food again and not be scared of it.

We want to help you bring the pleasure of food back into your life.
Is this approach for everyone?

So even though we can help people of all sizes, ages, and lifestyles, this particular lifestyle plan is particularly suited for you if:

  • You get anxiety surrounding food
  • You care about short – term results
  • You constantly cut out major food groups
  • You follow weight loss trends
  • You have realized that these do not lead to a happy life

You tried the quick fixes and it didn’t work. Now let’s work together to create a healthy lifestyle plan and finally change your life for good.

Hope for a healthier lifestyle
healthy food choices
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