Unmet Needs & Attachment Wounds After Narcissistic Abuse

by | Feb 22, 2023

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C is an integrative trauma therapist, consultant, and coach supporting trauma therapists and other healers around the world to grow personally and professionally so they can achieve optimal well-being while maximizing their positive impact in the world. Laura is passionate about spreading the message that trauma is real, healing is possible and help is available to break intergenerational patterns of trauma and abuse. In 2015 Laura started her podcast, Therapy Chat, which is heard in over 160 countries by over 30,000 listeners and has more than 6 million downloads to date; in 2021 she released a second limited podcast, Trauma Chat. Laura hosts a membership community for therapists with a searchable directory to find a trauma therapist on her online platform, Trauma Therapist Network.

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Connect with Laura:

Website: https://traumatherapistnetwork.com/

Therapy Chat Podcast: https://traumatherapistnetwork.com/podcast-category/therapy-chat-podcast/

Trauma Chat Podcast: https://traumatherapistnetwork.com/podcast-category/trauma-chat-podcast/

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