Stop the Shame and Learn to Love Your Mom Body

by | Feb 16, 2020

Open a magazine and you will see celebs bragging about fitting into pre baby jeans, or flip open facebook and your neighbor has their before and after swimsuit pics up (thanks to the AMAZING shakes they are drinking that you just HAVE to message them about!). Here are the TOP 5 reasons to stop worrying about losing the baby weight and love your mom body.

Your Body Just Produced a Human

You literally created LIFE. If you are not beaming with pride, then I don’t think you quite understand. You grew and delivered to this world an actual person. Another human being that will grow and be and do amazing things.

We give so much credit to the celebs who seemingly effortlessly shrink back to their pre-baby size within weeks or months. That is NOT where the emphasis should be. Our bodies went through MAJOR trauma and need time to heal. We need extra calories, we need to rest, we need to give ourselves and our bodies a break and a chance to recover.

Oh, and before you say, “But my kids are 5, 8, 10.. (whatever), shouldn’t I have my pre-baby body back by now?” Read on momma.

You Are No Longer The Same Person You Were Before Kids

Now, don’t mistake that statement for something it is not. You are still you. You likely have many of the same interests, hobbies, and values as you did prior to kids. But at your core, you are not the same. You now have another person who relies and depends on you. You have another person holding a huge piece of your heart and your soul.

Take a second to think about what goes through your mind in a typical day, even when you are not home around your children. If you can, compare that to what you thought about before kids. Even at a subconscious level we are different.

There is no reason, apart from societal pressure, that our bodies should go back to the way they were when every other single thing about us and our lives is different.

If You Are Too Body Counting Points and Measuring Food, You Will Miss Out On Moments

What does your body allow you to do right now? If you did not have your body, how could you carry your babies around, chase your toddler around the living room, or play catch in the yard with your child? Ask yourself these important questions and give yourself thoughtful answers.

Your children need a mom who is there for them, will play with them, will enjoy the moments with them. Not a mom who stresses over fitting into her pre-baby jeans or who stays in the car on ice cream outings.

A Great Excuse to Buy New Clothes

If you cannot comfortably wear your pre-baby clothes, then don’t. This is the perfect time to stop telling yourself you will buy new clothes when you “get your body back”. There is not a single reason you should not feel good and comfortable today.

Kids can be expensive, and our budgets have to shift a bit when we have those extra expenses, but make yourself a priority and buy at least a couple of staple items that you feel good in. Preferably something comfortable and cute (leggings and a cute tunic or a couple of Tee’s and a jacket perhaps?).

If You Are Too Busy Trying To Get Back The Body You Lost, You Will Never Fully Take Care Of The Body You Have

When we are so caught up in the “when I” trap, we miss out on doing things for ourselves in the moment.

You will crash diet now, and work on a healthy relationship with food when your weight is where you want it. You will start exercising when you lose enough to be comfortable at the gym. You will have more motivation to eat better once the scale starts moving. You will go out more once you can fit back into your old clothes.

Stop. That. Right. Now.

Realize that you are missing out on doing wonderful things for yourself right this minute, sit with it, and then let it go. Your postpartum body is still YOUR BODY. You deserve to feel good TODAY. You deserve to take time and do things for you how you are in this very moment.

Start working through your food or body struggles. Start a movement routine that is fun and feels good. Buy the clothes that fit and feel good and disregard the number on the tag.

Learning to love your mom body might seem like a far fetched dream to you now, but hear me out. Put less emphasis on the appearance of your body and more on its ability. If you are ready to start making meaningful changes to take care of your body and create healthy and sustainable habits, contact me to talk about nutrition coaching today!

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