Narcissistic Abuse: The Practice of Embodying Emotions

by | Mar 29, 2023

Dr. Raja Selvam, Ph.D., who teaches in nearly 25 countries on all continents, is a licensed
clinical psychologist from California, a senior trainer in Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing
(SE) professional trauma training, and the developer of Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP), a
a science-backed and body-based approach designed to reduce treatment times and improve
diverse outcomes in all therapy modalities through building a greater capacity to tolerate
emotions, especially unpleasant ones, through the body. The approach can also be of great
value in managing one’s emotions and health in daily life.

This was such a delightful and insightful conversation. #embodyingemotions #recovery #somaticexperiencing #narcissisticabuse #abuse #traumarecovery

Find Dr. Raja’s Book Here: The Practice of Embodying Emotions: A Guide for Improving Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Outcomes

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