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by | Aug 24, 2020

Being productive and healthy are two of the main things that bring us joy and self-confidence but they can easily fall of our priority list. However, did you know by establishing habits for health, you are also casting votes for a more productive future version of yourself? Your health can increase or decrease productivity. For example, if you are experiencing brain fog from eating inflammatory foods, then work will be slower and feel harder and you will be lacking in motivation.

Our lives have completely changed this year and whether you are used to this new working environment yet or not – it is critical to make sure that you are implementing daily habits that will keep you feeling mentally and physically healthy over time. Sitting at a desk and staring at a computer for hours on end is already not healthy for the human body, however, if you are not leaving your house also it can get easier to slip into bad habits. Maybe your favorite gym isn’t open or maybe you have been rolling out of bed straight to your computer without a morning routine. Or maybe you forget to eat throughout the workday!

Here are my best tips for a productive & healthy work from home day:

1) Keep Tea & Water at your desk

I drink so much more water when it is right next to me and especially if it has a straw in it. Then I can mindlessly sip while I get my work done. Tea is a great way to calm your daily stress, forcing you to take slower mindful sips while working. Most herbal teas also have incredible health benefits which can be a boost to your immunity and digestion while you are just sitting there and they are typically pretty inexpensive

2) Stay Organized

At the beginning of the week I write out my work-life goals, personal goals, schedule in my workouts, plan my dinners, and plan my entire week out before it even starts. If I don’t schedule in a workout – I won’t do it because I will get too focused on work during the day! It is important to mindfully move though especially when you are sitting at home all day. Organizing your week also helps you allow yourself to “turn off” when you have completed the tasks for the day. Otherwise, you will have stuff looming over your head that you “should” be doing.

I like this daily planner from amazon to put my daily tasks and daily schedule on. I write every little thing I have to do down so I gain a sense of accomplishment from ticking stuff off the list. It even has a section for your top three priorities which helps me focus on what is important.

3) Move around every hour

Set an alarm and for 5 minutes every hour walk around your house, step outside, do some stretching, hold a plank, do some jumping jacks or do anything that gets you out of your head into your body. I promise this will make you more productive and feel better for the rest of the day.

4) Set aside an office space

Your office space should be a completely separate place that you do anything else from. I try to not even look at my phone when I’m in this place and if I want to scroll through TikTok I have to move to another location.

5) Stock up on healthy snacks

It is important to have easy healthy snacks already there for you. If you get hungry in the middle of a busy workday you won’t want to go to the store and grab some healthy food – you’ll quickly take what is convenient. I like cutting up a bunch of fresh raw vegetables so that is the first thing I see when I get hungry and I can dip them in hummus or guacamole. This gives me an energy boost for the rest of my work!

6) Plan meal & snack times

This is something I never did before quarantine started but this has really helped me get into a routine with my day in general. It also keeps me on track and makes sure I am eating enough. This will prevent snacking or overeating late at night and give you consistent energy. Your body thrives on routines and patterns and you will feel better if your body knows what to expect every day! It makes me more productive because I set myself goals to accomplish before each snack and lunch and adds time pressure on my work.

7) Establish a healthy morning routine

I know this is said over and over but it will make a huge difference in how you feel the rest of the day. Incorporate a spiritual, physical, and emotional component. For me, this looks like meditation/prayer, a gentle walk/ yoga, and then journaling. This helps center me and set the tone for the rest of the day before I let other people set the tone for me.

8) Cut back on caffeine

You really don’t need it. Use this time to start controlling the amount of caffeine you drink. It is terrible for your adrenal health and hormones especially when you are already living in a stressful enough time. The focus it makes you feel is a fake focus and it is really just your body producing adrenaline because it thinks it is in a fight or flight situation.

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