The Relationship Between Pain & Trauma

by | Mar 22, 2023

Board-certified anesthesiologist, integrative pain medicine physician, and former ballet dancer, Linda Bluestein, M.D., specializes in treating and educating dancers and other athletes and individuals at increased risk of hypermobility disorders.  She founded and co-hosts the podcast, “Bendy Bodies with the Hypermobility MD”, and is a former co-host of the podcast “Hypermobility Happy Hour”.  Dr. Bluestein has been treating individuals with complex hypermobility disorders for years, educating and coaching dancers and studio owners, as well as conducting research on dancers with hypermobility disorders.  She is widely published, considered an expert on hypermobility disorders, and has lectured internationally. Drawing from all these rewarding experiences, she has formulated a unique, compassionate approach to assist a greater population of those suffering from these conditions: EduCoaching.

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